How does it work?

We continuously monitor and analyze the data recorded by the MAP Health Tool in real time to identify early signs of certain disorders.


The sensors of the device collect and transfer data to the mobile application. However, without the analytical functions on our servers, this is only of limited use. In order to really benefit from the advantages of this device, all the associated functions are required, which together provide you a unique opportunity to maintain your health.


The basic service is a healthcare service that includes the server-based, continuous real-time monitoring and analysis of the data captured by the MAP smart device in order to be able to identify the first signs of certain abnormalities in time. We create a detailed report about the changes in your vital parameters every year, and we also provide lifestyle advice. If any abnormality is detected in your measurement data, a member of our medical team will contact you and will offer you specific recommendations on further tests and examinations or will advise you to see your general practitioner or specialist.


Apart from the healthcare reports sent in e-mail, these data are continuously available for you on the web platform of MAP, for which you can provide access for your family members or general practitioner as well. In case you need it, you can allow the ambulance service to access the data.

Using the MAP Health Watch

Cardiac arrhythmia

Cardiac arrhythmias can remain unrecognized for a long time, even for years, because they do not cause any symptoms or pain. They are often not detectable with ECG as well, as usually they are only present for a short time. Symptoms occur in more severe cases: weakness, vertigo, impaired circulation, loss of consciousness or even sudden death. As these symptoms occur in many various diseases, it is extremely important to know whether arrhythmia is causing them or not. The earlier the treatment can be initiated, the higher the chances of rapid healing are. As the PPG sensor records the heart rate continuously while wearing the MAP Health Watch, it can detect any problems immediately. It notifies the user at once to perform an ECG measurement, which can reveal the cause of the arrhythmia.

Heart attack

Heart attack or cardiac infarct is caused by a blockage in the coronary arteries. This blockage often develops gradually over years, and during this time it can cause chest symptoms of varying severity. By using the MAP Health Watch, ischemic heart attack and sudden cardiac death can be prevented in a substantial part of cases. Chest symptoms can occur for many other reasons. It is very important to know whether a coronary stenosis is causing the symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness or a tight feeling in the chest. You can perform and ECG with your MAP Health Watch as soon as any signs occur. The recorded data is immediately analyzed by our algorithms and healthcare staff, and in case of suspicion, the user will be notified to contact a specialist without delay. Treatment initiated in time can be life-saving and allows a long, complete, active life.

Falling and road accidents

With the built-in gyroscope, the MAP Health Watch immediately recognizes falling and notifies the center about falling or road accidents and their location, thus we can send help immediately, if needed. One of the greatest fears of elderly people who live alone is that if they fall at home, they will not be able to call for help. Younger people also have the reason to be afraid of accidents when there is no help nearby or nobody saw the accident. In case of immobility or loss of consciousness, the injured person is often unable to call for help, while in such cases every minute counts. Professional rescue service that arrives in time can save lives, which will be sent by the MAP Health Watcher team.


Fever is one of the most important and often first signs of infections. The MAP Health Watch continuously measures the skin temperature of the user, thus it indicates emerging infections early. Many illnesses have a typical fever curve that can be easily recorded and retrieved later, thus helping the diagnostic procedure. The human body is particularly sensitive against the decrease in body temperature, that usually occurs during an unconscious state. Timely intervention provided by the MAP Health Watcher Service can save the life of the user.


Stress is the greatest health risk in our modern life.

We tend to underestimate this risk, but this is a great mistake. We often do not even realize how much stress we are under during the day. It can be very useful that the MAP Health Watch can measure the level of stress. It helps you asses the risk realistically, thus allowing you to avoid stressful situations.


By using the MAP Health Watch, the maximal load and heart rate that the body can bear without any health risks can be set during training in a completely personalized manner. Besides, this allows you to maximize the efficiency of your training.

Most fitness devices can display if the heart rate per minute exceeds a value during training that is statistically considered normal for the user’s age group. All bodies are different, but statistics set the limits based on an average value. This limit can already be too high for some, while others can cope with much higher loads. The algorithm can recognize a training session based on the data from the gyroscope and the accelerometer, or by activating the Begin Training function in the mobile application. Right after the training, while your heart rate is still increased, perform an ECG. This is technically an exertion ECG that shows you if there are any pathological changes in your ECG after that exertion. If there are not any, your body can be loaded further, while abnormal data can indicate early arrhythmia or coronary stenosis. In such cases, the training load has to be reduced and the user should see a specialist.


We already started our own experiments on detecting dehydration, and the algorithm is being developed based on the results. Dehydration due to loss of liquid is a major, possibly life-threatening problem for athletes, heavy physical workers, people under extreme heat conditions and mostly for the elderly.

With the help of the continuously wearable MAP Health Watch, we can measure the level of dehydration, which is a first of its kind innovation worldwide. Our studies demonstrated that it is possible to infer the fluid balance status of the user from certain changes in the heart rate. Dehydration is often the cause for malaise in the elderly, and while it may seem a banality, it is possibly life-threatening. They are continuously at risk for this, as the sensitivity of the center in the brain that detects thirst significantly decreases with age.


A significant portion of stroke events (ischaemic stroke) is associated with heart arrhythmia.

The MAP Health Watch can detect cardiac arrhythmia with the highest accuracy, and thus it can indicate the increase in the risk of such stroke events in an indirect manner. Cardiac arrhythmia is often associated with impaired blood flow in the heart chambers. In case of persisting impairment of the blood flow, blood clots can form within the heart, that can drift towards the brain then get stuck and cause severe abnormalities in the brain, such as paralysis, impaired speech or vision, loss of consciousness or even death.


You can even save life!