MAP Health Watch

Our mission can save lives

MAP is an integrated health service system which main aim is to detect acute cases and the early signs of chronic conditions immediately – moreover, the long-term target is to prevent health and help maintaining longer, active lifestyle with predicting given disorders. To achieve these goals, we have developed a unique medical service and IT system for monitoring the user and analyzing the measured parameters.


Recording vital parameters 24/7


24/7 available medical service system


Detecting trends for maintaining wellbeing


The sensors of MAP Health Watch are measuring data in clinical-grade quality which are forwarded to the user’s mobile application, the MAP Health Watcher App 24/7. Regarding that both the mobile and the watch have limited capacity, our computations are based on virtual servers. The advantages of the watch can only be fully fledged if the service is continually used – with this we are ready to offer an outstanding solution to prevent the initiation of numerous severe diseases.


Our main profile is a unique medical service system which contains the continuous cloud-based computations of the measured vital parameters to detect serious health-related conditions in time. If we realize an emerging health-threatening situation, our medical team analyze and interpret the information measured by the MAP Health Watch, the previous medical condition and medication. According to all the mentioned information, the medical staff get in touch with the user and propose possible solutions for the user (like checking other parameters or seeing his GP or a specialist). Our medical staff also analyze the changes of the parameters yearly, to see whether an anomaly is trending to occur or not and send it to the user’s and his contacts given by himself (e.g. relatives, GP). The results of analyzing these trends yearly can be also checked at the user’s web profile. In case of emergency this profile can be checked by the ambulance, too.


The AI-based algorithms for analyzing the data measured by MAP Health Watch are continuously developing, retrograde data procession and searching for new, specific pattern on the Big Data matrix which contains all the parameters of every single user’s health condition helps the algorithms to learn the detection of new type anomalies. This continually learning method provides a great opportunity to predict the possible likelihood of the fact and the time of a serious health-related condition.

What does MAP measure?

After numerous years of researching, we realized that 5 specific parameters are needed to predict most of the severe, often life-threatening disorders.


We are measuring ECG with a bipolar Einthoven I. with the active help of the user. The quality of the recorded data makes it possible the clinical analysis of the curve (e.g. the length of QRS, amplitude of the ECG curve).

Pulse curve

With photopletismograph (PPG) we measure continuously the parameter on which morphologic analysis, like computation of the area under the curve and slope, can be processed. Depending on the skin type, with analyzing parallelly with ECG, it is the basis of the blood pressure calculation.

Skin conductance

Skin conductance is the main sign of the sympathetic nervous system’s current activity. It shows if pain emerges, stress reactions and it is also useful to detect anxiety and epileptic seizures.

Skin temperature

With adding a user-specific range to correct the skin temperature, we can calculate the center temperature to get more information.


Using continuously the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, we can detect falls and other possibly life-threatening accidents. We can differ them from the normal, average, everyday movements. During the analysis and the interpretation, with the results of the other sensors, we can see the priority of the medical event.

Based on the parameters we have mentioned before, with our continuously developing rule-based and AI-based algorithms, we can detect a great number of acute, subacute and chronic health conditions. Wearing the MAP Health Watch 24/7 provides a great possibility for the early detection and prevention of cardiac disorders. Our system can also give insightful information regarding some neurological and diabetological conditions, infections and sleeping disorders.

Our developments are focusing on measuring the activity of sympathetic nervous system in order to detect the user’s stress level; hypoglycemic conditions and dehydration.

How does the MAP Health Watcher work?

It is enough to wear the MAP Health Watch continuously to have all your vital parameters recorded. This data is forwarded to our cloud-based servers, where all the computations with rule-based and AI based algorithms are done.

With measuring the vital parameters of the user, we can see the emerging diseases at that early stage when absolutely no symptom appears. This early detection can be dominant in the diagnosis and the treatment.

Personalized data

Our medical team record the medical history and based on this and with the help of the MAP Health Watch, set the user’s personalized thresholds concerning the possible risk factors for the algorithms’ punctual processing.

24/7 monitoring and notifying

It is enough to wear the MAP Health Watch 24/7 to have your vital signs recorded. After transmitting the data into our cloud-based servers, our rule-based and AI-based algorithms analyze it. The results of the analysis are forwarded to the medical contact center, where the medical staff interpret them and notify the user if any harmful condition is detected.

Regular check by our doctors

Our doctors check the user’s vital signs periodically and according to the global picture, they may advise some changes in the user’s lifestyle to maintain his health.

Why is the MAP Health Watch more than a casual smart watch?

ECG before and after cardioversion

Our validation process was conducted at Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Center. Every patient who took part in our validation on a voluntary basis had atrial fibrillation. We were measuring the patients before and after cardioversion with both the MAP Health Watch and the equipment of the Heart and Vascular Center, furthermore with other experimental equipment.

  • Type   
  • Watch Case   
  • Size   
  • Gyroscope   
  • Fall Detection   
  • Continuous pulse measurement   
  • Pulse curve measurement (for heart failure detection)   
  • ECG   
  • Skin conductivity measurement (to reveal epilepsy and determine stress level)   
  • Skin temeperature measurement (to detect infection and inflammation)   
  • Blood pressure calculation   
  • Panic button   
  • Personalized measurement and alarm   
  • Microphone   
  • Speaker   
  • Display   
  • Bluetooth   
  • Barometric altimeter   
  • Water-resistant   
  • GPS   
  • Software platform/ OS    
  • Battery (with fully functioning)   

  • MAP Health Watch

  • Stainless steel

  • 41,8mm x 49mm x 13,9mm

  • Amoled 400×400

  • 4.0

  • IP65

  • Android, iOS

  • Li-Ion, 23h

  • Apple Watch 4

  • Aluminium

  • 44mm x 38mm x 10,7mm

  • Oled 324×394

  • 5.0

  • IP66

  • iOS

  • Li-Ion, 18h

  • Samsung Watch

  • Aluminium

  • 45,7mm x 41,9mm x 12,7mm

  • S.Amoled 360×360

  • 4.2

  • IP68

  • Android, iOS

  • Li-Ion 48h

  • Fitbit Ionic

  • Aluminium

  • 38,59mm x 12,2 mm

  • LCD 348×250

  • 4.0

  • IP66

  • Android, iOS, Windows

  • Li-polymer, 10h

Dear Colleague,

In case our project has risen your attention, we would like to inform you about the following details. We are currently searching for doctors to be part of our research team as a part-time or full-time employee at our center in Budapest. As a medical expert you could help in forming the concept of our algorithms and help in the validation process, too.

We also need support in setting all the user’s personal thresholds. If you have the possibility to take part in the handover, join our medical network in Hungary, where general practitioners and cardiologists provide the screening tests and the calibration of MAP Health Watch.

If you think that our integrated health service system could be useful for some of your patients, please offer our device and service to them. For detailed financial aspects of our proposal, please, contact us.
We are searching for investors and distributors to set up an operation and distribution network for MAP Health Watcher service.

In Hungary, we launch our integrated health service system at the end of May, 2019. If you are interested and would like to get more info, you are welcomed at our office (20 Tímár Str., Budapest, H-1034) at a previously arranged date.

Robert Fulop, MD
+36 30 999 7709

Reka Leko
+36 30 464 7996

Join the team!