MAP Health Watch

Our mission can save lives

MAP is a complex healthcare service with a purpose to rapidly identify acute emergencies and to diagnose diseases that gradually develop. It also aims on the long term to maintain your health and ensure you a longer active age span by predicting future diseases. To achieve these goals, we developed a unique healthcare service that includes a special, wearable monitoring device and a complex information system for analytics.



24 hour data recording


24 hour service


Healthcare support

Why the MAP?

MAP Health Watch captures certain important vital parameters of its user. It can allow the early recognition of certain emerging medical conditions even when they do not cause any significant symptoms yet. This early recognition is essential in fighting diseases.



The MAP Health Watch opens a new chapter in up-to-date processing of health data. It ensures continuous measurement of 4 vital parameters and, if necessary, ECG as well, which are immediately transferred via your mobile phone for processing.


When our analyzing algorithms or artificial intelligence detects an anomaly, the system sends an alarm to a healthcare team with 24-hour availability who checks the alarm and based on the severity of the situation sends a warning or an alarm to the user, and if necessary, contacts the ambulance service as well.



In addition to acute situations, the system is both helpful for users and physicians by providing individualized periodic health reports. We can infer the existence of emerging diseases from certain interrelations of the data captured in the past, and thus take measures for prevention in time. Therefore, the MAP Health Watch provides an unprecedented support for your general practitioner and treating physician, who will have much more detailed and comprehensive information available to take care of you and ensure you the healthiest and longest life possible


How does it work?

Elég viselnie a MAP HEALTHWATCHER-t, hogy az életfunkciós adatai folyamatosan rögzítésre kerüljenek. A MAP Health Watch egy biztonságos szerverre továbbítja a mért adatokat, ahol azokat számítógépes programok elemzik folyamatosan.

Individualized healthcare service

When receiving the device, our medical team will record your medical history, risk factors and current medication. Based on these information, the limit values of the algorithms are set in an individualized manner. After this, we set the sensors of your MAP Health Watch through a calibration procedure so they measure your data as accurately as possible. Unlike other products, the MAP Health Watch is optimized personally for you. As a result, highly accurate information can be obtained about your health condition.

24 hours monitoring and notification

Our healthcare system and team monitor the changes in the data continuously, which allows them to send alarms or provide help to the user of the MAP Health Watch.

Regular medical advice

Our medical experts will periodically analyze the data collected about you, and based on these, they will help you with medical recommendations and lifestyle advice in order to maintain your health or even to prevent diseases.

Pre cardioversion ECG

Post cardioversion ECG

What does the MAP measure?

Based on years of medical research we have concluded that 5 specific parameters are able to predict certain severe, often life-threatening situations.


Electrocardiography (ECG) shows the electric status of the heart and it can indicate the development of common cardiac diseases, such as arrhythmia or cardiac infarct already in an early stage.

Pulse curve

By processing information from a continuous 24-hour pulse curve, a number of values can be determined that are essential in the evaluation of your cardiovascular status. Using these parameters, we perform further investigations in order to be able to recognize shock or dehydration before they cause symptoms.

Skin conductivity

It allows measuring the activity of the vegetative nervous system. It can detect pain and stress reactions and it is a useful parameter in the detection and management of anxiety or epilepsy.

Skin temperature

An important measure to detect bacterial and viral infections, such as influenza, but also to detect early post-surgical infections.

Blood pressure

Calculated blood pressure: blood pressure calculated from pulse propagation velocity (based on data from the pulse curve and the ECG). This parameter is essential in the prevention of brain hemorrhage or stroke (cerebral infarct). The accuracy of the calculation of blood pressure may vary between users, depending on their skin type.

Learn more about the technology

  • Type   
  • Watch Case   
  • Size   
  • Gyroscope   
  • Fall Detection   
  • Continuous pulse measurement   
  • Pulse curve measurement (for heart failure detection)   
  • ECG   
  • Skin conductivity measurement (to reveal epilepsy and determine stress level)   
  • Skin temeperature measurement (to detect infection and inflammation)   
  • Blood pressure calculation   
  • Panic button   
  • Personalized measurement and alarm   
  • Microphone   
  • Speaker   
  • Display   
  • Bluetooth   
  • Barometric altimeter   
  • Water-resistant   
  • GPS   
  • Software platform/ OS    
  • Battery (with fully functioning)   

  • MAP Health Watch

  • Stainless steel

  • 41,8mm x 49mm x 13,9mm

  • Amoled 400×400

  • 4.0

  • IP65

  • Android, iOS

  • Li-Ion, 23h

  • Apple Watch 4

  • Aluminium

  • 44mm x 38mm x 10,7mm

  • Oled 324×394

  • 5.0

  • IP66

  • iOS

  • Li-Ion, 18h

  • Samsung Watch

  • Aluminium

  • 45,7mm x 41,9mm x 12,7mm

  • S.Amoled 360×360

  • 4.2

  • IP68

  • Android, iOS

  • Li-Ion 48h

  • Fitbit Ionic

  • Aluminium

  • 38,59mm x 12,2 mm

  • LCD 348×250

  • 4.0

  • IP66

  • Android, iOS, Windows

  • Li-polymer, 10h


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