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Frequently asked questions

Is it already available?

It’s available for pre-order on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo: we are currently working on laboratory testing and running clinical trials on the device. The initial batch will be made in fall 2017 and serial production will begin at the end of the year.

If I place my order and pay it off in advance, will it be sure to get a product this year?

We are working hard to make sure that everyone gets their pre-ordered product in the second half of 2019 and can use the service.

How is it different from the fitness trackers already on the market?

The MAP Health Watch will be an FDA-approved and CE-certified medical device as the medical-grade sensors provide much more precise measurements than regular fitness trackers. The data recorded is first analyzed with patented medical algorithms and then reviewed by specialist doctors to identify personal risk factors and the first signs of potential health problems. This supports both prevention and for any problems to be treated in the early phases, when there is a greater chance of success.

Does it tell the time?

Yes, it can also be used as a normal wristwatch.

Is it waterproof?

To a certain extent: you can wash your hands while wearing it, but it’s not suitable for swimming or scuba diving.

Does it come with a charger and is it compatible with standard chargers?

Naturally, the device comes with a charger, which can be connected to a computer or mains outlet via a USB cable (the cable comes boxed with the device).

How long is the battery life? Is it replaceable?

The battery inside the watch is designed to last for at least 1,000 charges, and can be replaced by a specialist repair center. A watch strap containing an additional battery for longer life is also available as an optional accessory.

How long does it take to charge? Is one charge enough for 24 hours’ use?

The total charge time is just over an hour, and the watch can be used continuously for at least 24 hours on a full charge.